Here at Drainman, we have seen how much damage tree roots can cause to drainage systems by blocking the drains. As we all know, trees and plants tend to grow towards water sources and thrive in dampness where water is present – this is often in and around drains as this is a place where water is very often present.

When tree roots get into the drains and they are not dealt with quickly or appropriately, the roots will continue to grow over time. This will then lead to blockages in the drain and sometimes the collapse of drainage systems which can be very expensive and inconvenient. Our team of Root Removal experts offer a specialist root removal service to homes and businesses, to deal with the problem of root intrusion. You will find that root removal often requires high pressure jetting or electromechanical methods with specialist blade attachments that cut through the tree roots in the drain.

As part of the drain root removal service, we also carry out a CCTV drain survey and inspection, using our specialist equipment so that we can make sure that the whole root has been removed from the drainage system. Here at Drainman, we are incredibly customer-focused, never letting our customers down with our root removal service. Not only will we remove tree roots from your drainage we will then look at roots around the drainage system and roots that are growing in close proximity to your drainage system, therefore reducing the risk of the need for root removal in the future.

When drains are blocked by tree and plant roots it can lead to costly problems such as loss of capacity, unpleasant odours, leaking drainage systems or total structural failure. It has been known for property subsidence to take place in severe cases so why not call us now to book your root removal service. Our experienced, professional and highly skilled team can help businesses and homes with root removal. Call our friendly team now to see how we can help you.

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